In development: Eden
In development: Eden


Today we're going to tell you about Eden, the new world that the player will be traveling to in update 13.0 «Gates of Worlds».

Since it's not just any allod, but a whole world outside of Sarnaut, the rules of play in it may be different!


After a series of events on Suslanger, preceding a new page in history, Sarnaut scientists managed to restore the operation of the Gate-3 project. By this point, Ambrosia had already become the main energy resource for both the Empire's new technologies and Catherina's next techno-magical experiments-the need for new sources of this substance grows by the day. Now the quest for the mysterious world, so guarded by the gods, has a new purpose!

The successful launch of the Gate will lead the player to a new story location - the Star Trail. Once upon a time it was created by the highest gods themselves to facilitate travel between worlds, but now the echo of a former war has scattered bits of their power across the path, wreaking havoc on what was once order. Somewhere in its depths, they say, lurks the Darkness that was before Nihaz...

After a series of exceptionnal adventures, the Path will lead Hero Sarnaut to the portal to Eden, the planet of Life and the fiefdom of the All Mother. Life on this planet is not divided into flora and fauna-each bush and tree is intelligent, and each of its creatures can both bloom and wither. Ambrosia, on the other hand, is the blood of Eden, nourishing all life and spinning the circle of Life.

The entire planet is densely covered with forests, and each forest grows and feeds from its Tree. To protect the Tree of the planet, the Almighty created the Children, a race of sentient beings. Because their congeners originate from the flowers of the Tree itself, the protection of the forest is a sacred cause for the Children.
By the time the hero enters the new world, Sarnaut's first expedition has already set up its camp and operating base: the Children were clearly not happy about the aliens and the spoils of Ambrosia.

In addition to the creatures of Life, the hero will have to meet the new spawn of Darkness wandering through Eden - Hirkalla, the Goddess of Death.
Nihaz's second daughter, more loyal to him, is biding her time in Eden, and her real aims and motives are known only to the author of the Spectacle...

Over the course of the new season, the plot will unfold in a most unexpected way: the final part of the great Spectacle is coming!
Nihaz will reveal himself to Sarnaut again and his story, which began back in season 8.0, will end.


New Conflict

The intrigues of the gods are not always interesting to ordinary citizens: the main goal of Sarnaut's expedition to Eden is still the extraction of Ambrosia. Since Veronica cannot leave Sarnaut, the heads of the first Expedition are Catherina, already familiar to the heroes, and Felix, the great technomagician of the Empire and Yasker's right hand, who successfully proved himself in many combat and secret operations.

This doesn't go unnoticed by life on the planet: the forest around the base slowly begins to thin, and giant mechanoid harvesters cut through and siphon all the Ambrosia out of even the strongest trees. The life of the planet, represented by the Children, tries to fight back against their new "bloodsuckers" and stop the siphoning of Ambrosia from Eden.

Sarnaut's hero will find himself in the middle of a new conflict between the Expedition and the Children. Each faction gives its own daily quests and themed rewards. As the new season progresses, the hero will have to choose sides, and the conflict of the new factions will grow to a full-fledged PvP battle in a new world environment!

By the way, the non-player characters of Sarnaut, familiar to the player from the old days and who got to Eden, will also make their choice. Despite the fact that they all came from Sarnaut, not all of them will end up on the side of the Expedition!

Help Sarnaut or save the lives of Eden? It's up to the heroes to decide!


Ambrosia will remain the new main resource for rewards in the new location, it can be found in rewards from quests, as well as in random sources scattered throughout the location. For mysterious reasons, its composition is different from the Ambrosia that came to Suslanger as a result of the Incident, so the substance of life from Eden will be a separate value. By the way, the old Ambrosia will remain relevant for some time: as mentioned earlier, the Commandants of the «Dune» Pioneer Camp on Suslanger will share new themed rewards in update 13.0!

And in the backstreets of the Valley of Creation, Eden's main story location, you'll find pages of a new story audio diary of the All Mothers, telling the story of the birth of worlds and the ancient War of the Gods.

As the new season progresses, Eden will be slightly altered and updated with new activities. Everything is yet to come!

Stay tuned!

The description does not guarantee the completeness of innovations and fixes in upcoming updates.

«Allods Team»