In development: Return of the Melting Isle
In development: Return of the Melting Isle


Today we'll tell you about one of the features of update 13.0 «Gates of Worlds» - the return of the Melting Isle!

One of the very first PvP-activities of "Allods Online" will return in the new season with changes in gameplay and rewards.


Melting Isle was one of the most popular PvP activities in the open world, but the old implementation had its own set of flaws. In the upcoming update we will try to get rid of its old problems and give new life to the game.

The basic idea of the Island will remain the same: the player needs to collect as many chests with rewards and die as rarely as possible, but now the focus "raid vs. raid" will be replaced by "all against all".

The ability to assemble a group or raid on a location caused the activity to displace the entire audience of free-lance open PvP fans and turned into a tool of politics between the leading guilds of the server. Now it will be impossible to assemble a group/raid on the Melting Isle, and the ability of players to cooperate in battle will be severely restricted - all the names of game characters on the location will be displayed as "Treasure Hunter".

The map topology was not created with modern and fast mounts in mind, so the speed of all racers and combat vehicles in the location will be set to 13 m/s. This works both ways: too slow a mount will get an acceleration, and too fast will get a deceleration.

And to encourage constant movement around the location and reduce the role of brute force, we've added several different pickable effects to the map. They will appear in dozens of possible locations, and the effect can be either passive (a bonus to damage/defense) or active (a one-time contextual skill). Effects vary greatly in strength and rarity: especially lucky and fast treasure hunters will find skills of invisibility, invulnerability, and even the ability to instantly kill another player with a scope!

In order not to keep hunters waiting too long, the total duration of the event will be compressed to 30 minutes twice a day.


Mechanics of the appearance of chests with the treasures of the June on the location will also change significantly, as well as the principle of rewarding.

The old version of the Isle forced players to solve conflicts between themselves for each chest, grabbing in a battle at the scene of its appearance, and then simply negotiating with each other. Now the emphasis is not on the process of the chest, but on the player's ability to defend his reward.

First of all, the treasures will appear on the map much more often: several June treasures in different points of the isle will thaw already in the first minute from the beginning of the event! In addition to the Protalines known to players, treasures will periodically appear in one of the unknown new points (there are about 30 in total!) and will not show up on the map.

The chest no longer "melts", delaying the time before its opening, and is picked up instantly. But the reward from it can not be obtained immediately: the player's character will have a "Closed Chest" effect, lasting 10 minutes and giving out a reward only at the end of the period. You can continue to collect treasure, but each time this effect will accumulate and renew over time. Particularly "greedy" hunters will begin to receive negative effects as the "weight" of unopened chests accumulates: from reduced running speed and inability to collect spheres to the global visibility of their location on the map.

The task is complicated by the fact that after each death of a character his half of the accumulated "Closed Chests" goes to the assassin. If the number of effects is odd, it is rounded in favor of the assassin accordingly. Now each player has to build his own tactic of behavior on the Melting Island: hide and wait, or constantly wander around the entire location, or go the aggressive way and hunt other treasure hunters!


As before, the number of rewards that can be taken from the Melting Isle is limited. Each chest requires one key, which will be consumed when the "Closed Chest" effect expires. The player's supply of these keys will be replenished weekly upon completion of the introductory quest.

As for rewards, Melting Isle rewards its hunters royally: for the values obtained from the chests, you can buy an impressive amount of Dust of Creation, Essences of the Worlds and even the current equipment rank III!

Separately, it should be noted that the opening of each new layer will depreciate this currency, but you can always buy artifact values for it.

Stay tuned!

The description does not guarantee the completeness of innovations and fixes in upcoming updates.

«Allods Team»