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In development: Update 11.0: «Soul of Darkness»
In development: Update 11.0: «Soul of Darkness»

Dear friends!

We proudly present the teaser of our global update 11.0 - The Soul of Darkness! And we’d like to give you a short description of the main changes.


Lots of attention has been given to the storyline in this update — its new branch has between five and eight hours of gameplay.

Players will see the follow-up to the storyline of Update 8.0 — after the imperial research ship Infinity makes an unusual discovery in the deepest layers of the Astral, Cosmos warns that Nihaz schemes to destroy Sarnaut and is preparing an army for that purpose.

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The only way to oppose the new demons of Darkness that corrupt all life is to assemble our own army of undead. To give Nihaz a final battle on his territory, in his Citadel, you’ll need the help of the forgotten great necromancers and their artifacts, ancient heroes, vampire exiles and even ghosts. And of course, not all of them will want to join us willingly…

To win, you’ll need to return to the old Allods, whose story will continue: Umoir and Gipat. In addition, you’ll venture to the depths of the Astral, even in places where nobody living has set foot.


The final battle will take place in Nihaz’s Citadel, which you’ll reach after progressing through the update’s storyline. We don’t want to say right away who you’ll be fighting against, but we can give you a hint; in the distant past, they served a mighty creature veiled in dark glory that fell at the hand of Nihaz.

It will take between thirty and forty minutes to complete as a perfect squad that can easily defeat all the enemies between the bosses and the bosses themselves. Throughout the whole adventure, you’ll go up against four different bosses, two of which will be available at the start.

Changing Stronghold mechanics

Significant changes are being made to the mechanics for quests related to Strongholds. The changes are intended to make interacting with them more convenient and valuable for all guild members.

  • Quests to upgrade the Guardian and the Stronghold itself will no longer be available in their previous form. Instead, all you’ll have to do is take items that can be obtained all over the world to a certain non-player character in the Stronghold — the interface will show the progress of handing in items, showing as a completed ‘mission’ in the process of upgrading the Guardian and the Stronghold.
  • There is going to be a separate personal, constantly repeatable quest that rewards each player separately for their personal contribution to the overall progress of the guild controlling the Stronghold. This means that there will no longer be a requirement ot hand in items received to the guild leader or officers — every player can do it themselves and get an equivalent reward after reaching a high enough Contribution to the Guild Stronghold, which will be measured in the number of items handed in.
  • Completing each individual ‘mission’ will immediately add to the Stronghold or Guardian’s experience in proportion with the result achieved, without the need to use intermediary items.
  • Enemies inhabiting a Stronghold will no longer provide Stronghold experience for killing them directly. Instead, special items will be added to their item drop list, and those items will provide Stronghold experience when handed in to a specific NPC.

Artifacts and equipment

Artifacts owned will fade and partially weaken, but won’t lose their abilities. It will be possible to craft both faded and current artifacts, but their crafting price will differ.

If necessary, faded artifacts can be turned back into resources (100% Fate Elixirs and Dust of Creation returned), which can then be used to create current artifacts.

You’ll still be able to get resources for crafting current artifacts in various activities, and you’ll even get some of the resources you need as you progress through the storyline.

Equipment items can now be obtained on battlefields too. In the new classical raid, you’ll be able to get equipment items from the next layer that will immediately have 100/100 stats, but can’t be upgraded using insignias until the next layer is unlocked.


The maximum level of professions will increase to 90, and you will no longer need materials previously crafted in the Forge (which required Enchanted Dust) to craft current equipment. Ordinary resources such as Ore, Leather, Cloth and Souls will suffice, and you can get these in the game at the maximum level or just trade them from other players.

To craft current tools, all you need are new Tool Designs and Dragon’s Quintessence, which you can buy from profession trainers.

Spark Experience

In certain activities, you can now get spark experience constantly, although after you reach a certain amount, you will accrue less of it.

This mechanic will work in the following activities:

  • Battlefields
  • Astral Allods
  • Heroic Adventures
  • 3x3 and 6x6 Ranked Battles

Spark Experience received as part of a squad is now split into separate parts: Observatory + New raid adventure in classical style.

Draconic Aspect

Draconic Aspect now consists of only Vigor and Stamina. It will change every two mini seasons, getting an increased level and a boost to stats.

You’ll be able to obtain it in the following ways:

  • From bosses of a new classical raid.
  • In 3x3 and 6x6 Arenas for currency, which is awarded based on the rating achieved, does not expire and accumulates to a maximum of 5000. The cost of one set item is 1000.
  • For Realgar.

Draconic Aspect amulets will not undergo any changes.

Other changes

  • Spark talents will get 77 Rubies that will provide new bonuses! For example, the chance to get a bonus to Honor for victory in battles.
  • The changes will affect the accrual of season rewards for participating in competitive activities. Now the seasons will change three times per year, and each of them will have their own visual rewards. Weekly rewards in the form of titles and auras (you’ll be able to get these only at the end of a season, and their value will increase) will be swapped for a new bonus — the most successful fighters will get extra Combat Emblems and Hero's Insignias.
  • At the Snow Resort, you’ll find new quests and the King of the Hill activity, which gives you the chance to get unique skins for certain mounts.
  • Items from the bosses in Normal and Hard modes in the Observatory are now identical except for the unique rewards (visuals, pets etc.), which will continue to drop only in Hard mode.
  • Other improvements of already existing mechanics.
  • When exchanging Seals of Conclave for Sacraments of Conclave and Seals of Perfection for Essence of Perfection, the duration of the seals is inherited.

Allods Team