In development: Update 12.0: «Desert Dreams»
In development: Update 12.0: «Desert Dreams»

Dear friends!

While the project team is working on the update 12.0 «Desert Dreams», it's time for us to lift the mystery and tell you what will be waiting for the heroes of Sarnaut in the coming season: about Suslanger, time travel, changes in the content for high levels and much more!


The events of the new season will take place in Suslanger, an ancient Xadaganian allod known for its rich history: Ath-Zak himself stepped here, and the great Nezeb conquered the local djinn and laid here the first stones in the foundation of his empire.

Hundreds of years have passed since then, and now the inhabited part of Suslanger is built up by the Empire: there is a city, a pioneer camp, and some secret special purpose buildings. After mysterious events at one of these facilities, the player will have to investigate the causes of the Incident that changed the situation on the Allod, along the way encountering new problems: from aggressive weather conditions and fauna in the Desert to the magic of ancient ifrites and distortions of space-time itself!

This time we paid special attention to the new allod: it won't be only a story location, but also a place to participate in a new activity, where the weather conditions of the allod will affect the player's character. In addition to the continuation of the storyline, travelers to the allod will face regular storms in the desert part of it. And participating in the events on Suslanger you will get a new currency - Ambrosia. It can be used to buy unique costumes, mount, and decorative pets.

Thanks to bursts of temporal magic, portals for low-level players can appear throughout Sarnaut. With those portals, they will have the opportunity to travel in time to their future, get into the thick of events on Suslanger for a short time, and participate in them together with players of the maximum level!

We will tell you more about the new allod and the activities on it in the next announcements.

Changes in high-level activities

One of the key features of the new season will be a rebalance of extraction and creation of equipment, artifacts, Spark Experience, and other elements of the game for the players of the maximum level.

Equipment this season will be divided into 3 different sets in each layer, differing in their strength: now any player can equip up in a full set of equipment of the current layer, even during the first days from the opening of this layer, but only a few will be able to get a set of the most powerful equipment. The creation and improvement of Artifacts will become easier and more convenient than before, and their impact on class balance will decrease. Spark Experience will be available repeatedly this season and from more activities.

We will tell you more about these and other game improvements in the next announcements.

Other innovations

In addition to the aforementioned features, the update 12.0 will include:

  • Class balance improvements
  • Changes in-game interface elements
  • Several bug fixes

Stay tuned, see you in the next announcement!