The end of ranking seasons and opening of the lost layer of the Astral
The end of ranking seasons and opening of the lost layer of the Astral


After the end of the maintenance this coming Wednesday (November 3rd), new seasons of ranked fights, Arena of Heroes and Heroic Adventures will begin, and all players will have access to the Lost Astral Layer.


Astral keys found in the values will disappear, and all characters will receive 42 new keys. Along with this, obtaining loot from the amber layer will no longer require keys.

Artisans (with the exception of alchemists), will be able to create items of fabled quality, for which they will need the appropriate blueprints, which can be purchased from the tutors of the professions. In addition, the Anvil of Artifacts will become available to create items of fabled quality.

Ranked Battles

The 3x3 and 6x6 season will end, and rewards will be sent out to participants accordingly to the current ranking tables.

Arena of Heroes

TheTrial of Fury is also coming to an end. Based on its results, players will receive the titles of Furious Champions and Furious Conquerors, as well as Hero's Insignias, allowing them to purchase special costumes, colors and color schemes from intendants in faction capitals.

Heroic Adventures

After installing the update, the Heroic Adventures of the lost layer will become available to visit. Rewards will be sent out based on the results of the completed season.

Enjoy the game!

«Allods Team»