Incentive system for video makers
Incentive system for video makers

Dear friends!

Today we'd like to announce that we're ready to start rewarding those who make truly high-quality videos on certain topics in a separate order.

Following video topics are a priority:

  • Game plot
  • Class/equipment/activity guides for the game

Accordingly, the one who creates a good video on one of these subjects will be rewarded, but there are a number of requirements for the video. We'll tell you about them now.


1) A video should be comprehensive and justify its format. If the content of a video can be portrayed as text with images, the video format is not justified. We expect video creators to be creative, including a variety of visuals, high sound quality and meaningfulness.

  • If the video is about the story of the game, it will be correct to show relevant locations and key characters in the story.
  • If you're creating a tutorial, make sure that your story about the mechanics of the game is just as interesting to watch for the average viewer.

Change what's happening in the frame to create the most complete picture of what's going on for the player: the interface, the important part of the game world, the nuances of character control - all this will help to orient and guide your viewer.

2) The subject matter of the video should depict something sufficiently non-obvious to require you to accompany your story with a video.

  • If you want to list new milestones or consumable items, a text tutorial would be better, because the video might be monotonous and not interesting to watch.
  • If you want to show combat tactics against a difficult enemy or the location of a hidden item, a video tutorial will be a faithful companion for your subscribers.

3) We do not encourage videos that contain negative remarks about the project and its administration/developers.

4) If you made a guide on something that's already on YouTube (or somewhere else), there's nothing wrong with that. But full copying of someone else's video is prohibited.

5) We can award a video without any informational content (film, trailer, etc.), as long as it has well-developed artistic components.


The video should be at least 3 minutes long. If the video is shorter than 3 minutes, it's likely to lack useful information.

Providing links to the game and the official channel of the game

It is enough to add these links to the description:


Tags you have to use (all)

Allods, Allods Online, Allods Guide, Allods Review, Allods Story, Allods Play, Allods, Allods Online, Allods Online EU, Allods Online EN, Allods Online English

Video quality

We are not asking for cinematic masterpieces, but the video must be of acceptable quality.

1) The voice should be heard clearly, without noise or interference.

2) The video must have background music, and it should not be louder than the voice.

3) The picture quality must not be "pixelated", the minimum allowable resolution is 720p.

4) Advertising of betting/casinos, pirate servers and other companies that are banned on the territory of European Union is forbidden.

5) Obscene language is not allowed.

6) Comments and likes for videos should not be turned off.


  • A video that meets all the criteria can receive up to 1,500 crystals/Marks of Accomplishment (maximum of 3 videos per calendar month).
  • Especially interesting, well-developed, high-quality and unusual game videos (e.g., your own audio tracks, clips, stories) can be rewarded more.
  • Rewards are sent out at the beginning of each month (around the 4th-7th of the month) to the game data specified by the author of the video.

Please send your applications to our Community Manager Drakdish via a forum PM.

Your application should contain these informations:

  • Your character name and level (main character)
  • Your account name
  • The server you are playing on
  • Link to your YouTube channel
  • Your Discord Name and ID

Allods Team