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"The New Dawn": the opening of a new server is coming!
"The New Dawn": the opening of a new server is coming!


On Friday, December 25th, the server «The New Dawn» will open its doors for all interested! For now, we want to remind you all about the key specialties of this realm, and also share with you additional details!

Increased rates!

The following bonuses will be constantly active:

Experience gained for defeating opponents is increased by 3
Guild authority gained is doubled
Spark XP gained is doubled, as is the weekly limit is increased.

Furthermore, for two weeks after the first hero reaches level 90, the acquisition of following the resources will triple:

  • Particles of Anomalous Matter and Astral Emanations
  • Fragments of Artifacts
  • Fate Elixir
  • World of Sport: Signs of the Athlete
  • Amalgam
  • Kingdom of Elements Relics
  • Dionic Emblems
  • Anniversary Coins
  • Achievements


Simultaneously with the opening of the new server, there will be a series of individual and group trials, that for participating in, pioneers can acquire valuable prizes. We invite you to familiarize yourself with their list!

All rewards are separated into 5 categories. Winners will choose one reward from the list of valuables that are in each category.
Rewards for nominations are strictly given to characters/winners on server "The New Dawn" and can not be rewarded to other servers.
One character can win in any and all nominations, and of course choose duplicate rewards.

The Nominations of the New World

Deserving competition awaits the most determined and skilled heroes – we'll reward those who complete certain tasks first!

The full list of nominations and rewards for them will be posted later, in different news, but nothing holds us back from revealing the mystery right now

Prize examples Description Example nomination
Astral Megaphones x 100 First player to reach max level for their class
Superior Scroll of Sacrament First player to reach max level for their class
Equivalent to the amount of Kingdom of Element Emblems mined. Hero with the highest number of Kingdom of Element Emblems in Week 1
Seal of Perfection - Apocrypha of Perfection - Epigraph to the Study of Perfection Hero with the highest number of Kingdom of Element Emblems in Week 1
Core Storage First Reincarnation
Apocrypha of Perfection Top 6 rated fighters in 6x6 based on the results of the first four weeks

Among those players who reach the maximum level of the character created on the server in the first month after the opening of "The New Dawn", three pairs of modern gaming headphones Trust GXT 363 will be drawn.

The draw will be held either directly from the office or with the assistance of one of our streamers - we want the moment of choosing the winners to be watched in the live broadcast.

Free Traders Marathon

After opening the new server the new event will start. The main goal of which is to reward all loyal players of Sarnaut. Every day players will be able to gather a special quest from the Free Traders.

All of that will continue for 30 days and all heroes who don't miss any single day will get a special reward for that.

You can find an example of a reward below:

Awards for Streamers

It's time to tell you what bonuses and special prizes we've prepared for those players who will not only play on the new server but also stream their adventures!

How to get involved? It's easy!

  • You must have your own Youtube channel (minimum 50 subscribers).
  • Register by sending a link to your channel and ingame details (character name) in a special topic on the forum (for all languages).
  • Conduct at least: 3 broadcasts in the first week of the "The New Dawn" server opening, 2 broadcasts in the second week, 1 broadcast in the third week and beyond.
  • The name of the broadcast must include the hashtags #AllodsOnline and #AOserver.
  • The minimum streaming time is —30 minutes.
  • The design of the broadcasts should be thematic, with the Allods Online logo.
  • Broadcasts must not break the Rules of the Game or applicable European Union legislation.

For a month from the opening of the new server, we'll be closely monitoring your broadcasts and rewarding the most popular streamers!

The size of the award is now determined by the total pool, which depends on all streamers participating in the event (broadcasts must be tagged #AllodsOnline and #AOServer): According to the results of the popular vote, we will give 30%, 20% and 10% of the total value of crystals for the first three places, respectively. The rest of the pool will be distributed evenly among the rest of the participants.

20 Broadcasts 10.000
40 Broadcasts 20.000
80 Broadcasts 30.000
100 Broadcasts 40.000
150 Broadcasts 50.000

Streamers who successfully complete 3 broadcasts during the first week will additionally receive a set of pin codes for crystals to be raffled amongst viewers.

And the 2 stream authors who have gathered the largest number of viewers within a month from the server opening will receive a cool set of TRUST GXT 232 Mantis microphone and TRUST GXT 253 Emita microphone stand from our partners!

See you later on «The New Dawn»!