World Events Rotation
World Events Rotation

Heroes of Sarnaut!

In the big 14.1 update, we have some nice new features and changes to announce!

World Events Rotation

Changes will affect such world events as "The Storm" and "The Hunt for Uro-Boros" on Suslanger, "The Battle for Ambrosia" on Eden, as well as events that will appear in the future.

After Hirkalla has taken power over Sarnaut, she will appoint our old friend Erfar the Bragger as her deputy in the capitals of the League and the Empire. He will bring us up to date.

In order to express a desire to serve to Mistress Hirkalla, the first thing you need to do is complete the task "Hirkalla's Viceroy", which can be obtained from Erfar himself or from a *etter in the mail. After that, all the possibilities that this old ghost will offer will become available to you.

You can get the “Hirkalla's Decree” daily quest at Erfar. This kind of quests will be necessary to earn the favor of Hirkalla in the process of participating in one specific event, which the dark mistress will point to. As a reward, you will receive an Astralium Workpiece and Hirkalla's Signets.

Signets will become the universal currency for world events. They can be exchanged with Erfar for Astralium Workpieces, Ice Elixir, Creation Dust, Core Storage, Enchanted Matter, as well as PvE Artifacts of the first rank and Draconic Aspect of the previous layer.

Also, once a week it will be possible to complete the task, which consists in the completion of three "Hirkalla's Decrees", for which you will receive additional Astralium Workpieces and more Signets.

Erfar has concentrated the abundance of awards in his hands, so Workpieces and Ice Elixirs can't be obtained by the participating the world events. Hassan ibn Khottab will no longer sell Dragonic Aspects and Artifacts on Suslanger, and his quests (as well as Reya the Merciless' quest) will only give you Ambrosia.

Some items will be available in limited quantities: 3 Astralium Workpieces, 10 Ice Elixir Bundle (500 each), 5 Dust of Creation Bundle (100 each), and one Core Storage for 100 Spark experience units . The rest of the items can be can be bought in unlimited quantities.

However, now participation in any events will give you Boxes with Loot, gold and additional Signets of Hirkalla. The amount of the reward will directly depend on the personal success of the hero in the event.

Ambrosia, Dendrite Coins, and Tears of the All-Mother will not disappear, but can only be spent on local rewards, like auras, mounts and costumes.

The world will submit to the will of Hirkalla, and the schedule of the mentioned world events will change. Now they will occur at the same timeslots, so that the heroes always know when to advance on a campaign, which the will of the Dark Mistress demands today.

The Storm and the Battle for Ambrosia will now start every day at 1:00, 9:00, 13:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00 (server time).

Even the elusive Uro-Boros obeyed the will of the new mistress, and now he can be found after each Storm, at 1:30, 9:30, 13:30, 16:30, 19:30, 21:30 and 23:30. (server time)

During the battle with Uro-Boros, each hunter will earn the effect "Worm Hunter's Honor". The reward for participating in the hunt will depend on the number of effect levels gained. Hirkalla strictly watches her subjects, but she is merciful, so it will not be difficult for active hunters to impress the dark lady and get the maximum reward for hunting.

There is good news for those who collect costumes, pets and mounts! The amount of reputation, ambrosia, tears of the All-Mother and dendrite coins received from daily quests and other activities on Suslanger and Eden will be increased, and the price of some goods on Suslanger will be reduced.

Storm Essence will no longer be found in Nezeb's Treasures on Suslanger, and merchants will no longer require it for their goods. Those who still have this magical substance in their hands will be able to exchange it for ambrosia with Hassan ibn Khottab.

Let's sum everything up: now, to receive a reward for world events, it will be enough to attend only 1 event per day! The events themselves will change every day, and for the first 3 events per week, heroes will receive an additional reward.

And, by the will of Hirkalla, plenty of new and even old events may be added to the game in the future.

Assault on the Wandering Island

The first to return to us is one of the world events well known to many players - the Assault on the Wandering Island.

Dmitri Gromov and Goliath will continue to besiege the portal on Palace Square. By the will of Hirkalla, the mighty heroes of Sarnaut, who set foot on the Wandering Isle, will return to the past, to a time when they were not so powerful. The level of the character, the power of equipment, artifacts, patron, runes and other heroic attributes are adapted to this enchanted area. Thanks to this, heroes of various levels, starting from the 48th, will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder and fight on equal terms against draconids and wormfaces to help the generals carry out their plan. If Irkalla's spell works properly, who knows, in time it may spread to other allods of Sarnaut...

Taking part in the Assault will become much easier. Years of extermination of the undead on the allod have firmly strengthened the morale of the generals. No more reports, now generals recruit anyone who is in their field of vision into the ranks of their army.

The assault process itself is also changes significantly. For example, attackers will have catapults at their disposal, which will need to be guided along the assault path along with the commander and destroy obstacles on the way.
Important note: The Assault on the Wandering Island will be added in the later updates, this event is unavailable at the moment!
We will tell you more about the Wandering Island in the future.

Enjoy the game!

«Allods Team»