The Bard Festival
The Bard Festival


Hey... What's that sound? I'm surrounded by… Music! I can’t seem to move, what's going on? Wait, why did I lose all my buffs!?

You guessed it - Those pesky Bards are an essential part of Sarnaut, and we love to have them with us almost as much as we hate having them against us!

Need an aura? The Bard can provide. Need a tank or double HP? They'll do that too! Dying? They'll heal you. Controlled in PvP? They'll set you free! Is there anything a Bard can't do?

If you're a Bard, prepare your instruments, for Nezebgrad and Novograd will not know silence for the next 7 days - And we hope you enjoy the sweet sound of the Bard Festival!

As per tradition, the Bards of Sarnaut will have the opportunity to exchange their anniversary coins for brand new costumes made especially for them. Why don’t you take a look?

Troubadour's Hat
Troubadour's Jacket
Street Musician's Accessories
Ratcatcher's Flute

You can also purchase these great items of clothing!

Spellsinger's Hat


Spellsinger's Coat


Spellsinger's Cape


This event will run from the 16th, to the 22nd, of November.

«Allods Team»