Battle Of The Machines - 05/04/21
Battle Of The Machines - 05/04/21

Dear Sarnaut!

Welcome to Battle of the Machines - the Goblin Engineers way of testing potential merchandise! As of today, all players will receive an in-game mail containing a random temporary mount – such as a Dreadnought, Overlord's Throne, Overlord's Aegis, Manabike, Spinner, or Mirage – along with one random colour scheme.

These temporary mounts can only be summoned for the duration of the event, giving players a timed opportunity to test-run these vehicles on the road or even against fellow testers.

Take them for a spin, or wage machinated war against friends and foes alike!

Every temporary mount's stats are of 5th level range and their abilities DO NOT consume mana batteries. Unfortunately, due to being property of the guild of Goblin Engineers, these Mounts are limited to three days of use before they will return to the garage of their rightful owners, so make the most of them!

Battle of the Machines will end on the 8th of April, 23:59.

Allods Team