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Champions Day: Weaponsmith Event
Champions Day: Weaponsmith Event


Get ready to celebrate Champion's Day - an event dedicated to those who supply their faction with deadly crafted weapons. All weapon crafters of the capital take a day off from their honorable duty to display their astonishing blades and shining armor. If you are a weaponsmith, you can buy memorable souvenirs and glorious costumes from the Holiday Committee during the event to show off your profession with pride!

What is a Weaponsmith without good crafting materials?

Champion's Day also offers overalls and backpacks suited to Miners, ensuring they can get resources delivered to our Weaponsmiths in style.

wsico01.png Weaponsmith's Equipment
wsico02.png Crown of the Weaponsmith
wsico03.png Shell of the Weaponsmith
wsico04.png Pauldron of the Weaponsmith
wsico05.png Miner's Dungarees
wsico06.png Miner's Helmet
wsico07.png Miner's Satchel

This event will be active from the 23rd until the 29th of July, so get your gauntlets on those goodies while you can!

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