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Dark souls
Dark souls

Disturbing news of a mysterious disease that is rumored to affect the spark itself are gathering from all over Sarnaut!

Some say that this is definitely somehow connected with Nihaz and swear that saw how infected people seek to infect others! These poor people with gray hair and a glazed look babble something about demons and darkness, that only the light will save us from the unknown threat, however educated city dwellers do not care about rumors and superstitions and are inclined to believe that they have probably just seen a bear or some other creature at night.

There are those who believe that it possible that the disease may exist, and that it's even unusual, but are sure that they have certainly found some way to cure it in the capitals, one just needs to look for it carefully, so there is nothing to worry about.

Walk along Sarnaut carefully during the following days, because no one knows exactly where to expect troubles from...