Day Of Fun!
Day Of Fun!


Due to endless wars, bloody battles, demon invasions and regular politics, day to day life isn't always cheerful. We sometimes forget that a good joke, or a simple smile, can brighten up the day of a comrade in need. As a reminder of this truth, the League and the Empire have set aside a day each year to blot out the stress of the world and focus on throwing frowns upside down, sharing jokes, playing pranks and belly laughing through a whole day of frolic.

Only a fool would miss out on the Day Of Fun!


As of April the 1st, the Holiday Committee have opened up their stores and unveiled some fanciful items for all to enjoy, from fabulous hats to magical clocks, hoping they'll put a smile on your face - or on someone else's face after they play a mischievous prank on you!

Become a mad-hatter for a day and cheer up your neighbours in style. You'd be crazy not to!

dayoffun01jacket.jpg Lobster Shell Allows you to obtain a unique mount - Lobster! 750 pkri.png
dayoffun01jacket.jpg Fabulous Jacket
dayoffun02clock.jpg Magical Clock
dayoffun03hat.jpg Fabulous Hat
dayoffun04badge.jpg Shameful Badge

The Day Of Fun is a must for every fun-loving prankster on Sarnaut, so don't miss out.

«Allods Team»