Demonologists: Pandemonium
Demonologists: Pandemonium

Congratulations to Demonologists on the long-awaited holiday!

From July 10th to July 17th, all Heretics, Metamorphs, Cabalists, Occultists, and Homunculi gather in the capitals of the factions to pay homage to the dark rituals that gave them power.

Soon after the demon invasion, cultists appeared on the allods—those who welcomed the appearance of demons, considering them either a well-deserved punishment for the inhabitants of the allods, saviors, or messengers of the forces of evil, whose service and help would allow people to avoid inevitable death.

However, Demonologists were completely different — those who decided to study demons and use them to strengthen their own power. Over time, this group of magicians was able to reveal many of the secrets of the astral creatures and thereby create a new magical discipline. Now, rejected and despised, demonologists are also fighting for Sarnaut, but with their own means. And the day when the first step was taken and the first demonologists gathered together is now called Pandemonium.

In honor of Demonologists' Day, we have prepared special tasks. During the event, you will be able to receive three unique tasks for each of the faces:

In the Giant form, you will need to hug other characters; in the Tempting Predator form, you will have to seduce other characters; and in the Fury form, you will have to scare other players.

After completing 15 daily tasks, Demonologists will receive a new appearance. Starting on the sixth day of the holiday, players will be able to re-complete daily tasks for Platinum Coins. This will help those who missed previous holidays. Players who have already received new appearance can purchase unlinked skins from Holiday Committee for platinum coins.

For all other classes, we have prepared special congratulatory tasks so that Demonologists do not forget about their holiday.


As we already wrote above, a new exclusive Demonologist Appearance: "Nihaz's Darkness" will become available to Demonologists. Become the most fearsome in the area, and let your enemies bow before you!

Those who do not need appearances can purchase the “Demon Blood” and “Glowing Crystal” items and become different demons in order to keep up with the heroes of the occasion.

Do you want to remain a demon for a bit longer? For every shard of demon blood you drink, you will receive one Shard of demonic power. After collecting 150 of these fragments, you will receive a permanent toy, "Zabrog”, and will be able to turn into an insidious demon at any time. By the way, be careful; Zabrog can explode at the worst time possible!

Moreover, this holiday, you can get several new achievements that will stay with you forever.

As usual, you can find out details about the event from the built-in calendar (the default hotkey is “H”).

Quests and holiday rewards are available to players starting July 10th.

Congratulations to all Demonologists! Enjoy your holiday!

«Allods Team»