Gibberling Festival!
Gibberling Festival!


The Gibberlings have forever been eager for travel and adventure, always looking for the opportunity to discover new lands and creatures. When not on the move, they spend idle time boasting of the artifacts they found along their journeys, or spin tales of wonder and intrigue based on their experiences through Sarnaut.

However, there is a specific time of year when Gibberlings completely avoid travel - unless we're talking about a short walk to the local tavern, that is! With the scent of ale and the distinct sound of bagpipes trickling through the air, along with the playful laughter and tapping feet of merrily dancing Gibberlings, that specific time could be none other than the annual Gibberling Festival!


From the 27th of April until the 3rd of May, the Holiday Committee will offer special items that are available only to Gibberlings; such as festive costumes and even their favorite instrument - Bagpipes!

gibbico01.jpg Festive Gibberling Headgear
gibbico02.jpg Festive Gibberling Outfit
gibbico03.jpg Stylish Gibberling Outfit
gibbico04.jpg Stylish Gibberling Headgear
gibbico05.jpg Bagpipe
Gibberling Ceremonial Costume 80
Distinguished Gibberling Headgear 80 pkri.png
Gibberling National Headgear 80 pkri.png
Gibberling Traditional Costume 80 pkri.png

Don your festive outfit and play us a Gibber-tune! Not happy with the music at the tavern? Then join other races of Sarnaut to form a festive band and show the world why it's a good time to be a Gibberling!

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