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Great Feast: Priden Event
Great Feast: Priden Event


Pridens may be known as savage fighters, unrivalled hunters and valiant warriors, yet those who have visited their home Allod, Howlem, have also come to recognize Priden as exceptional celebrators, capable of partying just as hard as the other races of Sarnaut.

With the Great Feast on the Priden horizon, hunters have begun competing with each other through feats of precision and dexterity - and when the sun sets, hundreds of fires are lit across Howlem as the tunes of hunter horns can be heard far and wide. From dusk till dawn, Pridens celebrate like no other people of Sarnaut!

The holiday Committee Officials in both faction capitals, knowing the importance of the Great Feast for Pridens, have begun offering festive costumes to all Priden in exchange for a few measly coins.

When all is said and done and the partying quietens near the dead of night, Priden can often be heard expressing their thoughts through song, music and instruments. If you are already a member of the Allods band, consider taking a Priden along so that they can compliment your own music with their Didjeridoo!

Didjeridoo Didjeridoo
Priden Festive Costume Priden Festive Costume
Priden Festive Headgear Priden Festive Headgear
Festive Priden Cloak Festive Priden Cloak

A luxurious collection of ethnic beastling outfits from far away Howlem also awaits you! The costumes will remain in the Rarities Shop only until the end of the Great Feast!

The Priden event, Great Feast, will be begin on the 11th of February and ends on the 18th, so don't miss it!

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