Hammerstrike Day: Blacksmith Event
Hammerstrike Day: Blacksmith Event



Expert blacksmiths are respected just as deeply as shamans and spellcasters. Isn't it magical to see those skilled hands turn a piece of metal into a perfect implement for peaceful labor or bloody battles? On their day, the blacksmiths haul their anvils onto the street - and the surroundings shudder from their united hammer strikes. The artisans of both capitals are glad to offer holiday souvenirs to these highly skilled craftsmen.

During Hammerstrike Day, blacksmiths who visit the Holiday Committee Officials will be able to obtain the following items to showcase their craftsmanship:

bsmith01outfit.jpg Blacksmith's Outfit
bsmith02hat.jpg Blacksmith's Hat
bsmith05dungarees.jpg Miner's Dungarees
bsmith06helmet.jpg.jpg Miner's Helmet
bsmith03furnace.jpg Camp Forge Furnace
bsmith04ember.jpg Very Hot Ember

From satchels and clothing to help you gather materials, or keep you safe from sparks and flames while working the forge - we've got you covered. To check out what the Holiday Committee has in store for you, be sure to visit them from the 13th to the 19th of March!

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