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Happy Birthday, Aidenus! - 2024
Happy Birthday, Aidenus! - 2024



How do you feel about birthdays?

Some see it as an opportunity to have parties and fun, while others see it as a reminder of time long lost. When you reach a certain age, especially as a beloved Leader who carries the burden of being one of the few remaining Great Mages, parties aren't always a top priority.

Today is Aidenus's Birthday, a man whose wisdom turned the League into a great power - but it seems the Great Mage is too busy leading the League to worry over self-celebrations.

With that in mind, it is up to you to bring the party to Aidenus!


From the 30th of January to the 5th of February, the Holiday Committee are offering refreshments and souvenirs in honour of Aidenus, hoping that his devoted followers will celebrate in his name - so grab some party food and have a dance!

aidenus01elvendancer.jpg Elven Dancer
aidenus03champagne.jpg Champagne
aidenus02sweettooth.jpg The Sweet-Tooth

In addition, in honor of the significant date, costumes for brave warriors that had been fighting in battles of glory have appeared on the shelves of the Rarities Shop!


2.jpg Cossack Jacket 700 ukri.jpg
3.jpg Cossack Hat 270 ukri.jpg
4.jpg Cossack Cape 170 ukri.jpg

Not only League, but Empire citizens as well can get a set of hat, cape and armor. Do not miss your chance to buy this rare costume!

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