Happy Birthday MyGames ! - 21/05/21
Happy Birthday MyGames ! - 21/05/21

Dear players,

In honor of MyGames' second anniversary, we have decided to launch a Lucky Moment Marathon! From May 21st till May 24th you will get to enjoy a full schedule of frequent server bonuses, so be sure to plan ahead!

Our success would not be possible without our wonderful players and colleagues. To all the heroes who respond to the call of adventure, to all the game studios who breathe life into exciting new worlds, to all our partners who help us create and support unique game projects, we want to say: thank you for being with us!

Here's a detailed plan of activities:

Date Lucky Moment
21.05.21 - 24.05.21 (04:00 CET) Words of Sages | Experience for completing quests is increased.
21.05.21 - 24.05.21 (04:00 CET) Glory to the Heroes | Amount of Reputation received for completing quests and defeating enemies is increased.
21.05.21 - 22.05.21 (04:00 CET) Harnessing the Elements | Relics gain from the Kingdom of Elements has been increased.
21.05.21 - 22.05.21 (04:00 CET) Bloody Harvest | Increases Amalgam gain by 100%.
22.05.21 (04:00 CET) - 23.05.21 (04:00 CET) Clinking of Blades | Combat Emblems gain is increased.
22.05.21 (04:00 CET) - 23.05.21 (04:00 CET) Generosity of High Society | The number of ecus earned in activities on Irene is increased.
23.05.21 (04:00 CET) - 24.05.21 (04:00 CET) Victory Trumpets | Signs of Victory gain from PvP has been increased.
23.05.21 (04:00 CET) - 24.05.21 (04:00 CET) Ambrosia Eruption | Increased the amount of Ambrosia and Storm Essence gained from all sources on Suslanger.

Have fun,
Allods Team