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Intercession: Healer Event
Intercession: Healer Event



War is never easy - and veteran fighters are always gathering new scars. If it wasn't for the healing properties of Holy Light, or the hard work of nurses and surgeons in local hospitals, many fighters for both factions would have fallen to injury long ago.

It's been a century since Sarnaut was blessed by Light and given eternal life, resulting in the creation of the Holy Church and Trinity Church. However, one does not have to be religious in order to celebrate the power and importance of Healers, magic or otherwise.

From December 7th to December 14th, Healers of the League and Empire will be able to purchase special wares from their Holiday Committee Representatives, ranging from colourful church-going regalia to heart monitoring apparatus.

Blood pressure too high? Feeling down in the dumps? Give yourself, and friends, a test using the Cardiograph, or ask wearers of the Sacrificer's Festive Costume to lend some healing aid!

We hope the Healers of Sarnaut continue to cast their watchful eye over our friends and troops!

«Allods Team»