July Attractions on the Tropical Atoll!
July Attractions on the Tropical Atoll!

Heroes of Sarnaut!

The Aviak tribe has been celebrating the Sunfire Festival since ancient times. Now you can take part in this fascinating event and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of bright lights on the Tropical Atoll! We have prepared new attractions and rewards for you, just keep reading to know the details!

Let's start with the fact that now you can manually change the time on the Tropical Atoll to the "Night" mode, which makes the location much more enigmatic. In this mode, players will be able to see the starry night sky and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of mysticism and magic. And I don't even mention the dancing around the fire - this spectacle is really stunning and bright at night!

July activities

* Fiery Dancing

We invite you to the attraction, where you can not only take part in a magical dance, but also demonstrate your rousing talents! The attraction contains two parts: first, you will need to use three skills in the right order to collect the right combination of fire symbols, and then collect the little fire whisps in a rousing dance around the fire. The faster and more accurately you collect symbol combinations, the more rousing the dance will be and the more rewards you will receive. Collect all 24 Lights within a limited time and get the best reward!

For this attraction, you can get not only a generous reward in the form of shells and shell gifts, but also Sparklets - new special currency, awailable in July. The attraction will be available from 35th to 45th minutes of every hour.

* Water Lanterns

The lantern lighter Chai-Ka the Soaring will appear on the atoll and tell you about the mysterious ritual of floating lanterns. To participate in this attraction, you have to make lanterns from turtle shells and fern flowers. They can be found throughout the atoll. After you create your lanterns, just set them afloat and watch this mesmerizing spectacle. Each lantern has a chance to fade and drown, so it's best to keep a close eye on them!

Each lantern that will reach the end of the route will bring you shells, gifts and Sparklets. The attraction will be available from 15 to 20 and from 55 to 00 minutes of every hour.

Total Sparklet Reserve

Bright bonfires will appear throughout the atoll, around which vacationers gather and dance! Join them and get a new currency - Sparklets!

In addition to participating in Fiery Dancing and Water Lanterns attractions, you can get Sparklets even when you participating in other attractions. Just dance around the bonfires that have appeared throughout the atoll from time to time. Each guest who dances by the fire fills the air of the atoll with sparks and replenishes the "Total Sparklet Reserve" by 10 Sparklets, which is displayed as a separate effect on the character. Each guest who dances around the fire at least once will receive a Sparklet as a reward for participating in any attraction, but you will spend your Sparkles from the "Total Reserve" by doing so - everyone on the Atoll have access to this Supply.

There are plenty of bonfires and they are available at any time, so it is not too difficult for guests of the atoll to replenish the Total Reserve and continue to receive sparkles as a reward for participating in any attractions.

Be cautios: some rewards are only available for Sparklets, which can only be obtained in July.

Enjoy the game!

«Allods Team»