Librarium: Mage Event
Librarium: Mage Event

Mage Event


Fireballs here, icy comets there, and thunder bolts for good measure! Mages are the embodiment of raw magic power, though this leads people to believe life as a mage is easy, shooing problems away with the wave of a magical hand - but this is not always the case.

Mage life can be solitary - spending years studying ancient tomes or pursuing knowledge through means that don't always include lobbing magical death at perilous foes. It may not always be fun and adventure, but even the most jaded Mage knows how to step back and appreciate their brilliant art - and it starts with a festival known as Librarium!

Librarium is a time where mages convene to exchange their knowledge, share research, display new fanciful spells, recall past heroic deeds, and compete in the brilliant art of magic. During Librarium - which will be active from the 14th to the 20th of September - artisans of Novograd and Nezebgrad will offer special souvenirs to all mages of Sarnaut!

Mage Reward 01 Libra
Mage Reward 02 Cap of the Mage
Mage Reward 03 Costume of the Highest Magic
Mage Reward 04 Vial of Concentrated Magic

Our Holiday Representatives aren't very good with spells, so their attempt to 'bottle magic' has resulted in a rather explosive gift. If you're a mage who likes to blow things up, or are on the lookout for tomes of knowledge or a new magical look, then the Librarium event is for you!


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