Motorcade: Engineer Event
Motorcade: Engineer Event


Motorcade - the professional holiday of Engineers - is here to celebrate technical progress, allowing cannon toting heroes from all corners of Sarnaut to showcase their latest genius (or utterly insane) creations to audiences in their capital city, so prepare your ear drums for the sound of fireworks, clattering wrenches, and theorem based tavern banter!

From the August 19th to August 25th, Holiday Comittee Officials in each capital city are offering special wares to help all Engineers get into the spirit of Motorcade, so don't miss the opportunity to get your mittens on this sleek new costume to compliment your craft!

01workwear_of_the_brilliant_mechanic.jpg Workwear of the Brilliant Mechanic.
02helmet_of_the_brilliant_mechanic.jpg Helmet of the Brilliant Mechanic.
03battery_of_the_brilliant_mechanic.jpg Battery of the Brilliant Mechanic.

You can also purchase these great items of clothing!

Portable Mana Reactor 160
Mechanical Helmet 200
Mechanical Armor 300

NOTE: All non-engineers who value their eyebrows should avoid tampering with any stray technology found during the festivities.

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