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Rainbow Holiday: Alchemist Event
Rainbow Holiday: Alchemist Event


Everyone loves a potion-maker!

Whether dosing you up for battle in the Dead City, healing your wounds from the Deserted Farm, or turning you into a crab... They're among the most valuable citizens of Sarnaut!

So, why not celebrate them in all their greatness?

The Historians have communicated between both factions, and the dates have been set for our alchemists to have their own festive fun in celebration of the Rainbow Holiday!

Throughout the holiday, alchemists of any rank will be able to visit the Holiday Committee representatives in their capital cities. They'll give you details of the event and offer you a choice of vanity outfits and other special items!

We hope our alchemists have been picking up anniversary coins on their trips to the fields!

alch1.jpg Mobile Lab
alch1.jpg Efficient Alchemical Suit
alch1.jpg Alchemist's Eyeglass
alch1.jpg Vial of Concentrated Magic
alch1.jpg Festive Herbalist costume
alch1.jpg Festive Herbalist hat
alch1.jpg Hebalist Bottle
alch1.jpg Package of Spoiled Fireworks

This event will run from the 4th, until the 10th, of August - so enjoy the Rainbow holiday!

«Allods Team»