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Sabantuy: Orc Event
Sabantuy: Orc Event



The rhythmic banging of the drums and the symbolic war cry of the fiercest warriors of the Empire has begun. Gibberling pets are being taught new tricks, Goblin heads are being polished in preparation, and the city rats of Izune have taken to the sewers.

You can feel the quivering lips of the inhabitants of taverns from Eljune to Novograd, as keg after keg are rolled back to Nezebgrad for this annual festival! Between the 21st an 27th of September, it's time for Nezebgrad residents to lock up their family cats as the Orcs celebrate their very special holiday, Sabantuy!


The Orcish holiday is a special time of year where we'd like to tell you that Orcs gain a certain sense of peace and oneness with nature....but that isn't the case. Instead, it's a 7 day extravaganza of mayhem, one that no other race in Sarnaut, and probably not even Nihaz himself, could survive! The Orcs pride themselves on the beats they are able to keep on their specially designed drums, only priding themselves more on the beat downs they put on the League during this time!

But Orcs also enjoy having a certain swagger to their stride. The male and female Orcs that dance 'til dawn to the sound of the drums are in fierce competition to get a mate for this festival, and so they like to don their finest threads and show off their moves! For any Orc wishing to check out this season's offerings, and learn a new mating ritual, they can simply go to the Holiday Committee vendor during the festival and trade some Anniversary Coins for all these items!

Gift Ball for Goblinoball: Toss a Goblin back and forth between you and your friends! Careful who you throw it to in case they run off with it!


Don't get jealous if you are an Arisen or Xadaganian. With the exception of the Drum ability, all of these items are tradeable! You'll just have to venture into the middle of Sabantuy and politely ask an Orc to trade you is all....

Orcish Ordinary Costume


Orcish Sweatsuit


Orcish Headscarf


Orcish Evening Headgear


Skull Hunter's Costume

Skull Hunter's Armor


Skull Hunter's Collar


Skull Hunter's Shoulders


Skull Hunter's Totem


So, watch out for festive Orcs this September - you don't want this to be the last holiday you ever see!

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