Silent Days: Scout Event
Silent Days: Scout Event



You often curse those furtive soldiers... You see them, then they disappear - only to reappear behind you and stick a blade in your spine! While some may mock their devious ways and wily tactics, it's clear that having stealthy tricksters on your side is never a bad thing.

To acknowledge the stressful stealthy tasks they perform for the good of each faction, the Holiday Committee have gathered wares and souvenirs for all Scouts to enjoy, which will be distributed from the 23rd of February until the 1st of March!

hood of dancing shadows Hood of Dancing Shadows
garments of dancing shadows Garments of Dancing Shadows
cloak of dancing shadows.jpg Cloak of Dancing Shadows
sharpshooters quiver Sharpshooter's Quiver
potion of disguise Potion of Disguise

If infiltration wasn't your strongest suit at the academy, there's no need to hide behind the curtains or paint your face in order to get these wares, as they can be traded between players - so feel free to ask a friendly Scout... if you can find one!

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