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Star Shower: Psionicist Event
Star Shower: Psionicist Event


As Psionicists subdue fate into following their will, a gentle humming can be heard throughout the world. Suddenly, the future and past begin to intertwine while the skies flood with shooting stars, causing all civilian eyes to turn upward in wonderment.

Gazing in awe, an explanation to this phenomena is clear - it is the coming of Star Shower, the annual Psionicist event. The humming heard by untrained ears is the song of celebration sung across Sarnaut by telelinked mentalists gathering for the festival.

From the 2nd to the 8th of October, all Psionicists who visit the Holiday Committee Officials can avail of useful equipment, such as Goggles of Mental Defense, Psychoanalyst, or even a whole new look to compliment their mind shattering abilities.

Dreamcatcher's Outfit

Dreamcatcher's Hat

Goggles of Unfaltering Gaze

Goggles of Indignant Mind

Goggles of Mental Defense


The Dreamcatchers Outfit is the perfect way to mark your dedication to the mentalist path - though don't be surprised if the locals approach you for star sign readings and psychic predictions about the future.

Psionicist's Decorated Headgear


Psionicist's Parade Cape


Psionicist's Parade Armor


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