Sumarsdag: Warden Event
Sumarsdag: Warden Event


Nobody understands the secrets of Nature quite like the Wardens!

By mastering the elements, they can wield wind, water, earth and fire just as easily as a warrior wields a sword, and can speak the languages of over a thousand creatures. When not communicating with nature and its inhabitants, they represent balance through a way of life that is difficult, yet extremely honorable.

With spring underway, Wardens can take time away from their duties to celebrate Sumarsdag, the Warden Festival! As a show of good faith to their nature loving allies, the Holiday Committee's of the League and Empire have a collection of fine leathers and celebratory items for all Wardens of Sarnaut to enjoy from the 13th to the 19th of April - just don't tell them where the leather came from!

Festive Warden's Headgear
Festive Warden's Outfit
Festive Warden's Cape
Druid Fireworks

Sumarsdag salutes all Wardens for their dedication to nature, however big or small - so get your mittens on these leathery accessories this spring to help you stay warm during the next winter storm!

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