Swordring: Warrior Event
Swordring: Warrior Event



Everybody has their own destiny - whether it be making scientific discoveries, creating artistic masterpieces, baking bread, or raising children. There are also those whose life consist solely of short breaks between big bloody battles, destined to fight from birth until death.

Such destinies often lead to becoming a Warrior - and nobody in the world could compete with them in honest one-on-one combat! The art of war does not tolerate laziness or weakness, as a true warrior is always ready to repel the enemy at any given moment.

Only during Swordring can a real Warrior cast off their armour, put down their sword, drink ale and chat about past deeds in the company of like-minded veterans, while testing their strength and combat skills against other warriors for their own enjoyment, or that of the audience.

From the 2nd until the 8th of June, the Holiday Committee will honour those dedicated souls with ceremonial plate-goods from their collection, including a taste of the rare Ultra Growth Potion - a brew that will make your chest-hair grow its own hair!

swordringhelmet.jpg Ceremonial Warrior's Helmet
swordringarmor.jpg Ceremonial Warrior's Armor
swordringpotion.jpg Rapid Growth Potion
Warrior's Parade Headgear
Warrior's Parade Armor
Warrior's Parade Cape

Join us in celebrating Swordring and salute all Warriors for their dedication and protection, though do not to anger them or they'll look down their nose at you - literally.

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