Tanner's Day: Leatherworker Event - 15/10/21
Tanner's Day: Leatherworker Event - 15/10/21



The first clothes of mankind were a humans own skin. Then came hides whipped from much furrier creatures. On Tanner's Day, all leather workers put away their flasks of strong solutions and take out something even stronger in order to celebrate their special event, then make time to admire the work of the Holiday Committee Officials, who have sewn stylish costumes and prepared holiday souvenirs for all leather loving crafters of Sarnaut!


This snazzy leatherware is available to any citizen capable of wielding a raw-hide mallet, whether to keep you warm, protect you from harm, or simply for a look that makes you stand out from the crowd. All you need is to open your leather anniversary purse and pay a few coins to the Holiday Committee.

icon_-_tannersday01.jpg Leatherworker's Festive Outfit
icon_-_tannersday02.jpg Leatherworker's Festive Headpiece
icon_-_tannersday03.jpg 'Goblin on a Ball' Figurine

The event will run from the 15th to the 24th of October.

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