Tournament Of Blood: Results! - 2020
Tournament Of Blood: Results! - 2020

Dear friends!

It's time to name the winners of the Tournament of Blood!

Here are the names of players who can be proud of their Sarnaut's PvP champion title:

I place: TN1 TN2 +5

II place: COVID-69

III place: Vidgelo+6

Champions (each group member) will receive valuable rewards:

  • I place — 62 482 or (P2P), unique title, eternal rune of the Champion.
  • II place — 27 769 or (P2P), unique title.
  • III place — 13 884 or (P2P), unique title.
  • IV place — 8 330 or (P2P).
  • 5-6 - 4 165 or (P2P).
    Keskonfoula, Positive DNA
  • 7-8 — 3 471 or (P2P).
    Born To Lose, Katliam153
  • 9-12 — 2 082 or (P2P).
    Compan Gang, DisGys, Les Tiots Pere, PandaUh
  • 13-14 — 694 or (P2P).
    Lazytofindcoolname,Suicide Squad

Marks of Accomplishment is a unique currency that let's you buy many valuable items from Experience Combat Masters in the capital of your faction. Those items include:

  • Replicators and tools
  • Core morphers
  • Rare Prophetic Cards costumes
  • Strongbox of the Winner, Mysterious Style Strongbox, Mysterious Strongbox with Costumes, also Carnifex Code and Carnifex Doctrine
  • Bags, flaming insignias, looter pets

Congratulations to the winning teams and many thanks to all participants. See you at the next tournament!

The Allods Team