The Tropical Atoll awaits you!
The Tropical Atoll awaits you!

Tropical Atoll


It's time to flip open a deck-chair and enjoy a relaxing trip to the beautiful Tropical Atoll, a place of relaxation, mini-games, sun, fun, and rum!

Need directions? Simply click the Tropical Atoll Symbol on the bottom left of the screen and choose “Go There” to be directed to the respective NPC in your capital city.

Anniversary Coins

All characters level 20 and above can enjoy thrilling Crab Races, Beach Volleyball, Pebble Tower, Sailing, compete with others in Karah-Oki, mix and drink your very own cocktails, and join in the Hula!

These fun events will earn you special shells that can be used as currency to buy mount skins, costumes and other special vanity items!

And some time after the discovery of the Atoll, the Aviaks will offer you to raise your own parrot !

In June, guests of the atoll will be able to visit the following gaming activities:

* Bubbles!

Mysterious iridescent bubbles hung in the air over the beach. Of course, you can just admire their beauty, but why, when you can have some fun? Use the "Frog Amulet", jump as high as you can and burst these bubbles! The most active bubble hunters will gain some interesting achievements. Go for it!

* Blowing Bubbles!

Try to inflate the biggest bubble on the coast, but be cautious as it may burst at any moment!

In order to be able to inflate bubbles, you have to burst some of them - sooner or later the "Inflatable Bubble" item will fall into your bag, allowing you to inflate it. Those who inflate the biggest bubble the first time a day will receive the corresponding achievement, but be careful as the opportunity to earn this achievement is only available once a day.

From the 1st of June until the 31st of August, the rainless paradise that is Tropical Atoll will be open to everyone, so don't miss out!

«Allods Team»