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Ugra-Xada Day: Xadaganian Event
Ugra-Xada Day: Xadaganian Event


From the 22nd of June, by decree of the Great Leader Yasker, all proud Xadaganians of Sarnaut are hereby required to return home to Nezebgrad and partake in a festival to celebrate the glorious heritage of their people.

Ugra-Xada Day is a festival that celebrates Nezeb's meeting with the Ugra tribe, after his departure from the sinful and dirty Kanian people, followed by the subsequent foundation of the Xadaganian State. The truth of the legend is that Nezeb wandered in the deserts of the Southern Steppes, until he came across a nomadic tribe known as the Ugra. These fearsome warriors believed they were direct descendants of an ancient god named Ugra.

Fierce, but honest - their leader challenged Nezeb to a duel, which Nezeb duly won. Believing that Nezeb was more powerful than their god, they agreed he should lead the assault on Kania, to battle Tensess and his misguided followers.

Every year, Nezebgrad rejoices at this union. It is the day that the war against the League truly began - and so, it is the duty of all Xadaganians to participate in the activities of the festival.

During Ugra-Xada Day, Holiday Committee Officials in the capital offer all Xadaganians new attire - as well as the opportunity to learn the Trumpet!

ugraic01_0.png Xadaganian Festive Hat
ugraic02.png Xadaganian Festive Suit
ugraic03.png Xadaganian Smart Headgear
ugraic04.png Xadaganian Full Dress
ugraic05.png Trumpet

It's the Xadaganians time to celebrate, so be sure grab the prizes on offer before the 28th of June, and honour Nezeb and the fallen heroes of the State!

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