The Winter Atoll
The Winter Atoll


We congratulate you with the first day of winter and we are happy to inform you that the Snow Resort is ready to receive visitors!

A cozy tourist village awaits players from level 20 and above. You will find wonderful entertainment, such as races on sledges and snowy boards, snowball battles in a snow fortress and skating, in the snowy resort.

Fans of a relaxing holiday will be able to enjoy fishing on the ice of a frozen lake or blinding a snowman, drinking hot mulled wine and enjoying the dazzling volleys of fireworks! Come to the Snowy Resort and take a break from the gloomy winter days!

No ticket is required, everyone is allowed to join without any restrictions. To go to the recreation area you simply need to speak to a Holiday Committee Official in the capital of any faction city.

The location will remain opened during the whole winter: from December 1st, 2022 until March 1st, 2023!

Enjoy the game!