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Boost event: "10-20-30"
Boost event: "10-20-30"


Welcome to the "10-20-30 Event" - a booster designed to squeeze more value out of your crystal purchases. In the words of Goblin Banker, "It's good business" - although it was hard to translate his coughing and mumbling at the Boutique Interview.

Unlike other artifacts that deal in chance, this event deals with a guarantee:

* 1,000 Crystals or higher gain 10%.
* 4,000 Crystals or higher gain 20%.
* 10,000 Crystals or higher gain 30%.
* All bonuses are supplied via Premium Crystals.

NOTE: The 10-20-30 Bonus does not stack with the 100 euro crystal purchase bonus.

Goblin Banker

There are no dice rolls and no small print - just bonus premium crystals for you to enjoy.

The boost ends on December 3rd (23:59), making it the perfect time to boost your characters crystalline power!

«Allods Team»