Global Costume Sale!
Global Costume Sale!

Heroes of Sarnaut!

Now that the Heroes have opened up the long-lost homeland of the Gibberlings to the rest of the world, fashionistas from all over Sarnaut have a reason to update their wardrobe - after all, we have to appear in all glory before new acquaintances! Fashionistas rejoice, for today we present to you the widest assortment of costumes in our new global costume sale!

Starting today, you'll be able to purchase outfits from all corners of Sarnaut – from storyline reward and special event based, to Prophetic Card costumes and other precious attires!

Desired costumes can be obtained using the "purchase" context via the wardrobe feature for either regular and premium crystals (Ctrl+U by default) – check them out!

This sale will end on May 22nd, 12:00 CEST, so don't delay!

Please note that the sale is not available on the Smugglers Paradise Subscription Server.

Have fun!

«Allods Team»