Lucky tickets in the boutique!
Lucky tickets in the boutique!


A special Free Traders offer starts today! Every participant has a chance to win a 3000 premium crystals certificate!

You can also win smaller certificates and Lucky Ticket Stubs! 10 of those Stubs can be traded for a Lucky Ticket. Hurry up to try your luck! To take part in the offer, buy a Lucky Ticket from the Boutique and use it.


Certificate for 3,000 Premium Crystals

Lucky Ticket Stub x100

Certificate for 500 Premium Crystals

Lucky Ticket Stub x10

Certificate for 100 Premium Crystals

Lucky Ticket Stub x5

Certificate for 50 Premium Crystals

Lucky Ticket Stub x2

Certificate for 10 Premium Crystals x2

Lucky Ticket Stub

Premium Crystal

Lucky Ticket Stub

It's not a Free Trader's offer without some rare artefacts, is it? Real treasures were found by the Free Traders and brought in to be won by the most lucky players. Of course, you'll have to really try your chances to win one of those!

List of rewards

Lightning Bolt's Keychain

Teaches you how to summon a unique mount - the new super-fast combat vehicle Lightning Bolt, designed using Catherina's technologies.

Angelion Assault Shell and Seraphion color pattern

What happens when a scientist gets his hands on technology that is beyond human understanding? This shell is a unique combat vehicle, developed through magic and cutting-edge technology. The shell is equipped above your armor. It increases your movement speed without disabling the use of spells and abilities. Partially absorbs incoming damage. The owner of the Shell can use its special abilities. Deactivates when its hit points drop to 0.

If you already have this type of mount, you will receive the color pattern "Angelion" for it. "

Edict of Conclave

After use, you will receive 90 additional stat points which can be used to increase your character’s Vitality, Bloodlust, Caution, or Willpower.

Carnifex Code

Provides the unique ability "Fatality", which activates whenever you kill a character.

The Fifth Page from the Great Mage's Diary

This scroll will grant you 2 Rubies.

Legendary Scroll of Sacrament

This scroll will grant you 3 talent points.

Master Jeweler Manuscript

Grants you the ability to equip an additional earring of any quality.

Scroll of the Insane Wizard

This scroll can be exchanged for an Emblem of the Insane Wizard, which can temporarily increase your Proficiency, Anger and Vitality, reduce the duration of control effects applied to you by 10%, and increase incoming healing effects by 5%.

Apocrypha of Perfection

After use, you will receive 60 additional stat points.

Encrypted Scroll of the Adamant Will

Use this item to learn the Adamant Will ability, which is available at the fourth level of Patronage, obtained at level 30. Adamant Will instantly removes all control and slowdown effects and grants a small amount of Mirra to each party member. It also extends the duration of Unbreakable Will which protects from all control effects for 3 seconds.

Sealed Vial of Condensed Water of Death

Permanently grants the ability to reset your talent points.

Scroll of Master Goblin

Use this scroll to learn the spell allowing to get in touch with Master Goblin at any moment.

Ship Design Pack

Grants you a rigging of your choice for a standard or upgraded ship's hull.

Rigging types:

  • Golden Age Design;
  • Sunrise Design;
  • Inquisitor's Ship Design;
  • Priden Ship Design;
  • Surveyor Ship Design;
  • Pirate Ship Design;
  • Ghost Ship Design;
  • Demon Hunter Ship Design;
  • Eclipse Design.

Reinforced Ship Armor

A set of Adamantite Armor Plates increases the durability of a Ship's hull by 15%. This modification will be maintained through any further upgrades to the hull.

The offer ends on September 7th!

Good luck!

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