The Magic Lamp Returns!
The Magic Lamp Returns!



Whispers on the wind have mentioned the return of a legendary item capable of making your very wish come true - The Magic Lamp!

But what makes it magical? Does it contain a wish granting genie? Will it lead you to ancient treasure buried deep within the desert of the Dead Sea?

This symbol of mystical power gives you something much better than fairy tales - a percentage bonus to Premium Crystals when topping up your account! This bonus will help players obtain any special items from the boutique that they have always dreamed of - such as special mounts, valuable outfits, powerful elixirs, and astral equipment to improve your ship!

It's time to put the fairy tale aside and try your luck with the new Magic Lamp!


To receive your own personal lamp, visit your local postal worker and check your in-game mail.

chest All characters higher than level 4 will receive a special item - the Surprise Box. Once collected from your mail, clicking the icon in your bag will activate the Magic Lamp while the event is active on the server.

But how does the Magic Lamp work?


The Magic Lamp grants you a percentage bonus to Premium Crystals when you top up your account, but only if you activate the lamp BEFORE you top up! The percentage bonus per rub will be random, and if you aren't happy with the percentage, you have two additional chances to increase it - so use them wisely. Once you have used all three attempts, there is no going back!

The minimum bonus amount is 30% - the maximum is 200%. You can check how many Bonus Premium Crystals you receive from the increase by hovering the mouse over the Magic Lamp icon on the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Keep in mind that you will only be able to use 1 Magic Lamp per account, whereas other characters on that account will receive Confetti when opening the Surprise Box instead.

closed_chest Care to try your lamp-luck? If so, the event will go live from the 25th to the 28th of May, 23:59 CEST!

«Allods Team»