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Power for rent! - 15/07/20
Power for rent! - 15/07/20

Dear Sarnaut!

Unstable copies of three military equipment models have appeared in the Boutique. They couldn't do without a temporary sample of the latest assault armor!

The promotion ends on July 21st!

The characteristics of such copies are in no way inferior to the originals. By purchasing an unstable copy, you get a famous combat mechanism for 7 days, which does not require mana batteries and is already improved to the maximum level - 11!

Unstable Manabike's Trinket Allows you to obtain a unique combat mount - Unstable Manabike of rank 11, that will last for 7 days. Manabike uses its engines for producing bursts of energy, that throw enemies back or set the ground under their feet on fire, slowing them down. 150 ukri.png
Unstable Wraith's Design Allows you to summon a stealth combat mount Wraith of level 11 for 7 days. It moves faster than anyone can see and teleports for huge distances, leaving the enemies behind locked in a stasis field. 300 ukri.png
Jinn Unstable Mystic Shell This prototype is based on Jinn Mystic Shell. It has the same magical potential but a limited energy supply. After some time, it will stop functioning. 500 ukri.png

The offer is limited - do not miss your chance.

Good luck!