Prophetic Cards: Twilight of the Gods
Prophetic Cards: Twilight of the Gods


Hooray! Ancient Compasses have just appeared in the rarities shop, which means that the long-awaited «Prophetic Cards» sale has started.

Ball of Yarn Allows you to summon a cat with the Bjara color pattern.

It will increase your movement speed by 160% (f2p) /155% (p2p).

No one can resist the charm of this cat. It will make any enemy forget about everything and pet your cat for a few seconds.
Thunder Chariot Reins Allows you to obtain a unique mount - a Chariot with the Tanngrisnir color pattern.

It will increase your movement speed by 160% (f2p) /155% (p2p).

This vehicle is able to dash forward, knocking down and throwing back all enemies within a 5 yard radius.
Frozen Keychain Allows you to summon a Mana Chopper with the Fenrir color pattern.

It will increase your movement speed by 160% (f2p) /155% (p2p).

It is able to accelerate and cover great distances. The rider takes no damage from falling.
Unicycle Key Allows you to summon a Unicycle with the Ring of the Nibelungs color pattern.

It will increase your movement speed by 160% (f2p) /155% (p2p).

Has the ability to dash forward and up to clear small obstacles and can increase its speed to the maximum, moving forward for 5 seconds without stopping.
Thunder Chest Contains the Armor of the Protector of Gods and Mortals.


While the treasure hunt is on, monsters of about your level will drop Prophetic Cards, which can be deciphered using Ancient Compasses bought at the Boutique. Also, Cards can be purchased from Holiday Committe Officials in Novograd and Nezebgrad, and Compasses can be received from them for exceptional feats!
Using the Compasses and the Prophetic Cards, heroes can find unique mounts, whole deposits of Crystal Chips and Gold Dust, useful items and an incredible range of costumes and accessories!
Don't forget that among other values you can get useful elixirs and provisions, with which you can temporarily strengthen the attacking and defensive abilities of your character.

By the way, a unit of provisions obtained through the «Prophetic Cards» can be exchanged for any essence. The expiration date of the essence is inherited from the lifespan of the provision that you have exchanged.

Smugglers Paradise

All rewards obtained from Prophetic Cards have no significant effect on a character's playing power. Similar items can be obtained in-game.

Prophetic Cards can be obtained as trophies for killing monsters or bought from Holiday Committee Officials in the faction capital.
As you search for the treasure, you can find Cores for changing your class, Astral Replicators, Universal Tools, Amalgam Packs, various battle potions and even Core Storage!
The rewards for killing mighty ennemies in the Observatory and Nihaz Citadel will now be available for the Bjara Cat, Fenrir Mana Chopper, Ring of the Nibelungs Unicicle, and Tanngrisnir Chatiot.



Please note that Sealed Core Storage unpacks into Cores with a duration of 14 days.

The event will be end on April 30th.

Have fun!

«Allods Team»