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Sale: Box of the Holy Warrior - 01/06/20
Sale: Box of the Holy Warrior - 01/06/20

Dear Sarnaut,

There have long been rumors about a miraculous artifact called the Holy Weapon. They say that if you hold it in your hand, you will feel an influx of strength and the weapon begins to glow with a magic light.

From June 1 to June 10, everyone has the chance to acquire a Box of the Holy Warrior at the Boutique and possess the Holy Weapon magic artifact. It will transform your character's entire arsenal and it will increase one of your attacking stats by 20.

Holy Weapon of the Overlord

Holy Weapon of the Cursed Ruins

Holy Weapon of the Fire Citadel

The stat bonus will depend on the class:

Mages & Healers +20 Double Attack
Bards, Wardens & Warriors +20 Critical Damage
Engineers, Paladins & Scouts +20 Swiftness
Demonologist, Summoners & Psionicists +20 Critical Chance

In addition, each of the three new skins will increase your Bloodlust by 50.

When any of the weapon colors is activated, the entire color set becomes available. In addition, you can get Sources of Pure Light, special items for the activation of the Holy Weapon, through the context purchase. You can use those items to awaken the power of the Holy Weapon for 3 months without buying a new one.

When you open a Box of the Holy Warrior, you can get the following items:

Shard of the Holy Weapon After combine 100 shards you will get one random Holy Weapon, from three new weapons.
Fragment of the Holy Weapon 300 fragments can be combined to one from three new Holy Weapons or any amount of fragments can be trade for shards of ancient holy weapons (from past boxes).

You can get all this by opening a Box of the Holy Warrior, which is on sale at the Boutique. Note that this is a limited-time offer!

Note, when you open a Box of the Holy Warrior, you do not receive Collector's coins. The weekly lottery is also not held.

No matter your fighting style - it is important to look fearsome on the battle field. Give yourself that indomitable look with the Box of the Holy Warrior and illuminate your battles!

Allods Team