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Sale: Sparkling Box
Sale: Sparkling Box


Just like some adventurers always head towards the sparkle of gold, Goblin Banker is forever drawn to the glint of magically sealed boxes and the anticipation of what they may contain.

From today on, he takes time out of his busy schedule to restock the boutique with his latest discovery – the Sparkling Box – said to contain Sparkling Balm, an item so inspiring that it enables the selection of an additional Incarnation ability!

Sparkling Balsam bestows Incarnations of maximum level with the mental fortitude required to learn and store two Incarnation abilities in memory at once – a fantastic way of expanding your arsenal and being better prepared for any threat! However, use of either of the two abilities will incur a cooldown on both of them seeing as this feat of strength is originating from the Sparkling Balm rather than the Incarnations own mental prowess and memory – a small price to pay for double the options in battle!

That's not all! By opening a Sparkling Box, players have a chance to snag these amazing Incarnation based treasures of divine power:

Sparkling Balm Expands capacity of Incarnation abilities, allowing the selection of two instead of one – 185 day lifetime.
Miraculous Ark Contains a Miraculous Scroll that boosts your Incarnation to level 90, along with all necessary resources and equipment of that level. Can be obtained by trading 3 Sparkling Balm.
Iridescent Jar Allows the creation of an additional Incarnation, provided reincarnation is available to your character. Can be obtained by trading 1 Sparkling Balm.
Drop of the Sparkling Balm Combine 100 Drops to create a Bottle of Sparkling Balm.

If you're looking to improve your Incarnation's way of life, or have more aces up your sleeve in battle, then the Sparkling Box is for you!

NOTE: Sparkling Boxes will be available from the 2nd of October until the 9th of October. Boxes do not contain D2 coins and this sale does not come with a Daily Lottery.

Now you can also purchase Sparkling Balm for 150 crystals for 30 days in the Boutique. Please note, that it does not extend the life of the Sparkling Balm the player already has.

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