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Spooky Halloween Sale!
Spooky Halloween Sale!


Zombies are crawling around Yasker's Tower and the Elven Quarter. Astral Demons are not just a nightmare anymore. Gibberling children are already hiding under their little beds, and Orcs are carrying out ancient rituals and wearing garlic wreaths to scare the ghosts away.

Halloween is here in Sarnaut and you are late for the Monster's Ball - but wait...! How about riding there in style? Put on your Horrible Hat, hop onto your special Witch's Broom and speed off towards the ghastly fest!

The Witch's Broom will provide you with the fastest way to travel around Sarnaut. Be aware though, that this special Halloween item will only be usable during the Halloween event in game. Once the Halloween event ends on November 6, the broom cannot be used anymore. So be sure to use this time to speed around in style!


But Halloween wouldn't be the night of the Horror without our exclusive accessories for the Monster's Ball! Starting from October 31, 2014 until November 6, 2014, our spooky items will be available in the Boutique!

Rise from eternal sleep and surprise your lover, for tonight you'll be the Arisen Bride with the Quaint Cemetery Mask!

And all the men will be delighted to scare their lady friends with the Quaint Cemetery Mask as it changes with gender!

All Sarnautians have heard the tale of the Orcish spirited bucket... It is still used by the old Shamans to keep the evil spirits away! The Witch's Cauldron comes with a lucky charm Spider and some garlic to keep the witches away while spreading a floral scent into the air! It is the perfect finishing touch for ruthless Brutes and squeamish Elves alike!


Have you ever secretly envied vampire elves for their style? We have the perfect accessory for the darkest fighters and for the nature-lovers: this Halloween, you can carry a vampire bat on your shoulders with the Rearmouse Pendant! Everybody can have a lynx or a doggy, but few can tame a dangerous blood-thirsty bat!

Dark apparitions are lurking in the darkness of the Astral. You can hear bewildering whispers in Darkwater, and strange accidents have been reported even in Igsh. Listen to your conscience as everybody has two little Goblins inside their head, always ready to advise the owner or fight with each other! Don't worry, nobody will think you're hallucinating... At least not with the Good and Evil Companions by your side!


For a limited time, macabre accessories, delivered straight from the crypt, will be available in the Boutique as well! The Halloween event will also come to our Smuggler's Paradise Server! Acquire creepy costumes and other vanity items with Platinum Coins from the Holiday Committee Officials in the capital!

Please note that the broom is not available on Smuggler's Paradise!

This is also the night when Jack'o'Lantern wanders around Sarnaut looking for shelter, so walk around Nezebgrad and Novograd with a pumpkin on your head! Turn other people's heads into Pumpkins with the Pumpkin Charges you can get from the Boutique!

But it's not just about mummies climbing on your shoulders or skeletons walking around! You will also find scary wings to bring darkness into the air!

From October 31, 2014 until November 6, 2014 Halloween accessories are back in the Allods Online Boutique! Unleash the Devil within with our creepy costumes for Halloween!