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Radiant Strongbox of the Mechanic FAQ

What about Lightning Bolt? Can I install a new reactor on it?
Lightning Bolt combat transport is already equipped with a cutting-edge reactor and is able to meet competition with other vehicles.

Why buy these vehicles if they are going to get outdated in a year or two?
No, they are not. We will make sure to keep their characteristics up to date at all times.

Will a new reactor change the looks of a vehicle?
No, the reactor is located inside of the vehicle body, so machines of ranks 6 and 7 will look the same.

Can a vehicle be upgraded without being placed in the Stable?
No, this is not possible.

Is the modernization temporary or permanent?
It is permanent.

What if I upgrade a vehicle and then delete it from my Stable, and then replace it with a similar one? Will it inherit the upgrade, or will I have to change its reactor again?
If you get rid of a modernized vehicle, you will lose its reactor as well. The transport you replace it with will have to be upgraded separately.

If I activate several coupons at the same time, how do I know my current discount?
The discount will be displayed in your Valuables interface, and also in the coupon exchange menu.

What happens if I activate another coupon when I already have a 50% discount?
If you already have a maximum discount, you will not be able to increase it. You will receive a notification informing you that using another coupon would exceed the maximum allowed limit. If you activate another coupon after receiving that notification, your discount will not stack over 50%.

Do the discounts from the Radiant Strongbox of the Mechanic apply to Magic Mosaic Promotion?
No, the discounts only affect the number of parts required in order to assemble a reactor.