15.0 - Jigran
15.0 - Jigran

Jigran is a mysterious foggy allod with a rich history.

Nowadays, it is the capital of Sarnaut, where its new ruler, Hirkalla, the goddess of Darkness, the adoptive daughter of Nihaz, sits in the city of Dar-Ulgorn, holding the reins of power in her hands.

But what has caused this? What series of unfortunate events led to this situation? It all started with events in the world of Eden, where the heroes went on behalf of Klavdia in order to find her mother, the creator goddess known as the All-Mother. In the course of their adventures, they met another deity - Hirkalla, the mistress of death, who raised an uprising among the Children of the All-Mother, who did not want to die, but wanted to exist forever.

The resulting conflict forced the All-Mother to agree to the terms of the Expedition, and she went to meet her daughter in Sarnaut. However, a trap awaited her there: Nihaz used the prison world for the same purpose for which he had once imprisoned Sarn.

Hirkalla was tasked with keeping an eye on the captured All-Mother, but she also had much grander plans. Considering the divine laws to be unjust, Hirkalla planned to completely destroy death, restore the split Sarnaut into a single planet, and then finally defeat the deities of Light and Order, who want to free the imprisoned creator.

Hirkalla's actions changed Sarnaut; no one dies forever from now on; even those who previously did not end up in Purgatory are still in this world. With them are myriads of those who died in previous eras. All of them have now awakened and are preparing for the subsequent resurrection.

Of course, not everyone manages to immediately appear in their physical body; this requires considerable power, which Hirkalla takes from the Great Mages. Each of them is now forced to redirect part of their efforts to recreate the bodies of the previously deceased.

However, not everyone is pleased with this situation. The most fierce enemy of Hirkalla is the Church of Light, and the most irreconcilable among its parishioners is the templar Hiero. Having occupied the Cathedral of Light on Jigran, he was able to create an impenetrable shield and a system of beacons that do not allow the darkness to even approach their stronghold—all by the power of his faith.

However, all is not well in the city of Dar-Ulgorn itself. Many Sparks released by Hirkalla from Nihaz's Box were drawn to Jigran, awaiting a future resurrection. Those who have the strength to become ghosts suffer from the attacks of distorted creatures—relics of ancient times imbued with the magic of Darkness.

The fact that not everyone was resurrected at once caused a lot of resentment. It turned out that resurrection depends on personal well-being; if during your life you were healthy and happy, then you will resurrect faster, and if you are poor and unhappy, then you will remain a ghost.

It would seem that ghosts do not concern any of the living - Hirkalla and the Great Mages are not ready to revive them right now and are not going to improve their fate, and the Church rejects them as products of unholy magic... No one needs them except themselves.

For now, the “Awakened” are irritated by the long wait, and discontent is brewing among them. Rejected by both Light and darkness, they don't believe in anything or anyone.

The energy of Sparks is a necessary condition for the ghosts' existence, a guarantee of their ability to keep their minds intact and have free will. It is not surprising that it became a currency for purchase and exchange on Jigran. Even the living were actively involved in this trade, and “dead souls"—too weak Sparks, still possessing a minimum of energy—became objects of hunting for them.

Dark fiends are various creatures twisted by darkness. Before the discovery of the allod, everyone believed that it was empty. However, as it later turned out, some people did survive the necromantic plague. When Hirkalla came to Jigran, her magic involuntarily awakened the hitherto sleeping creatures, and after ghosts began to flock to the allod, these distorted beasts began their hunt for them. They feed on the energy of Sparks, and any free Spark is nothing but delicious food for them.

In order to fight them, an entire army has been created — from those who have already come to life and vampires subordinate to Annette de Tristesse. But even they are afraid to venture into the network of catacombs under the city, where, according to rumors, lives the mysterious Madman, the thief of other people's Sparks.

Only representatives of the ancient Order of the Stars are not afraid of him, who, unlike the Church of Light, actively help the “Awakened”. One of them, yong monk, will be your companion in this adventure.

And after completing the fascinating story on Jigran, travelers will be able to plunge into the life of the foggy capital, serve alongside the Warriors of Darkness and receive a reward for their work. Such a fee can be turned into a new costumes, a decorative companion, a faithful mount, or a variety of useful goods to improve your equipment.

Even in such a difficult task as service for Hirkalla, you will not be alone; you will be able to hire loyal assistants who will help you for a reasonable fee. One of them has secret abilities that will help you become a little wealthier. And in the dark corners of Dar-Ulgorn lurk powerful and scary creatures who can be found only by using a special ocular device. Victory over them will bring not only glory to the winner but also some money.

In the future, you will find new achievements, enemies, and rewards, as well as the continuation of the story of the great Jigran.

Have a good game!

Important: Some special names and item names may differ from the in-game translation.