15.0 Psionicist rework and increasing variability of the class builds
15.0 Psionicist rework and increasing variability of the class builds

Important: The description below does not guarantee the completeness of the changes and fixes in the upcoming updates. Some special names and item names may differ from the in-game translation.

Heroes of Sarnaut!

The time has come to talk about some class revisions that await you in the future 15.0 update. First of all, the Psionicist class has undergone significant changes, and in this announcement, we will talk in more detail about its rework and about increasing the variability of class builds.


The decision to rework the Psionicist was in our plans for a very long time. The team has received a lot of feedback from players who love this class, and many of them were interested in changes, which influenced our choice when planning global rework as part of the upcoming update.

At the moment, the Psionicist class is one of the most difficult to master, so the team’s main task was to make it more accessible and understandable. We tried to rework and simplify the rotation in order to preserve what experienced players love about the class and give the opportunity to play as the Psionicist to those who are not ready to dive headlong into complex gameplay from the very beginning of the game.

When using the "Phantom" talent, players will be able to summon all six Phantoms at once, not just one at a time, as was previously the case. Also, during the battle, the “Voices in the Head” effect will accumulate, which will allow you to summon Phantoms again. The number of summoned entities will depend on the level of this effect.

With the changes we've made, it will be much easier to maintain Stress levels. Now, by using skills in a specific order, players will be able to deal the maximum amount of damage possible and reset Stress to almost zero to reproduce the rotation again.

When working on the class, we removed the Aspect of Supression as it was not relevant in the current meta of the game. As a result, Rubies were redistributed to other aspects of the class.

And a little more about the Psionicists: the recovery time when using some talents and rubies has been reduced, and new effects have been added.

We hope that after this work, the Psionicist will become a more relevant and easier-to-learn class among our players.

Increasing the variability of class builds

In the 14.0 update, players got access to a redesign of the Aspect of Defence and the system of positive and negative effects. This added some variety to the gameplay, but we decided not to stop there. We wanted to focus on ensuring that players have the opportunity to use all talent points and rubies points, as well as collect more diverse builds, so after the update, the location of some rubies and talents will be changed for different classes.

Below, we will tell you in more detail about the changes that affected the Bard, Engineer and Scout, but later you will see changes to other classes as well.


We have reworked the “March” talent to significantly increase the damage dealt and a bonus to its damage from the “Recitative” rubies. Also for the Aspect of Assault, a new “March of War" ruby has been added, which reduces the cooldown time of the “March” talent. 

We've added the ability for a bard to use some of his support skills without tempo costs as new rubies or additional effects to existing rubies. Changes also affected the “Requiem” talent: its work was adjusted, the damage of etudes against additional targets and the range of the skill was increased.

We also fixed some old bugs: now the character's Swiftness, together with the "Anguish" and "Deep Wound" effects, works correctly on additional targets. And the effect of the “Rhapsody” ruby under the influence of “Requiem” will also extend to additional targets.


We have also rebalanced the Engineer's damage output in both Aspects of Assault and Support . We also untied the “Particle Acceleration” ruby from the Aspect of Assault so that engineers in the Aspects of Support could fully use the “Reactor Blowdown” and “Burst of Mana” skills in rotation.

The “Top-Level Engineer”, “Increased Energy Absorption” and “Isolated Heat Exchange” rubies now have three ranks each. The bonus to damage from the "Biohazard" and "Doped Steel" rubies has been increased.

The “Firing Line” ruby now reduces the preparation time for both turrets by 10/20/30%. Also fixed a bug due to which the rate of the turrets fire increased less than indicated in the description.

The damage of the "Reactor Blowdown" talent will be increased by 20%, but the total damage dealt will be reduced by 12%; the cooldown time of the turrets has also been adjusted; the damage from the "Light Turret" has been reduced by ~10%, and the damage of the "Acid Turret" has been increased by ~33%.


Shooter and Combatant stances will no longer require active aspects and will no longer be disabled when aspects are deactivated. Also, now stances can be activated in battle if none of the stands is active.

Some rubies will be heavily reworked: for example, “Alchemical Reaction” will now increase the damage dealt by the “Explosive Shot” talent to additional targets, up to 60/80/100% of the damage dealt to the main target.

Several new rubies will be added to make playing as a Scout more comfortable. Some of them will reduce the cooldown time of talents and increase outgoing damage, for example, the “Shot in the Arm” ruby will allow you to use the “Crippling Shot” faster and more effective. Other new rubies will be aimed at reducing incoming damage, for example, the new “Unreachable” ruby will enhance the effect of the “Swingout”, which allows you to avoid some of the incoming damage.

We also fixed some old bugs: now the “Burning Arrows” ruby will not affect the “Rain of Arrows” and will not increase the damage from the “Deadly Shot” talent.

Here is a short list of important class changes that await you in the global 15.0 update. Follow the news carefully so as not to miss anything!

Have a good game!