15.0 - Upgraded equipment obtaining system
15.0 - Upgraded equipment obtaining system

Important: The description below does not guarantee the completeness of the changes and fixes in the upcoming updates. Some special names and item names may differ from the in-game translation.

Update 15.0 is approaching, which means we can finally begin to tell you in more detail what awaits you in the global update. In case you want to see what our new questline can offer, you can find all the details at the following links:

* Sarang Kido's report to the Scientific Counsil of the Arisen
* 15.0 - Jigran

In this update, we wanted to add variety to aspects of the game regarding the equipment system, make it easier for players to obtain resources, and update some activities that are not very popular. In a global sense, the future equipment system has not changed that much, but we hope that the improvements will help you play more happily.

Astral Keys and Gold

The number of astral keys stored on each character will now reach 1000, up from 196. They will be awarded according to the existing scheme: 14 keys per day and 28 keys at the beginning of each mini-season. However, if the player returns to the game later, for example, in the middle of the layer, then he will be immediately credited with the number of keys that he would have received if he had played from the beginning of the layer.

The amount of gold produced from various activities will be adjusted. Players will be able to receive more gold for completing the Astral Islands and for completing daily quests in Al Rihat and Kingdom of Elements.

Obtaining the Third Rank Equipment

Dressing in the best gear is a challenging task for every player! This year, we are giving our players the opportunity to choose in which activities they want to obtain resources to create the highest quality equipment.

First of all, Astralium Workpieces will no longer be bound to one character. This means that they can be exchanged in various ways and put up for auction.

Astralium material for enchanting a Scroll of Reinforcement can only be obtained on the Anvil of Artifacts by using Amalgam or Enchanted Dust, Enchanted Material and gold. It is no longer possible to obtain material for creating the third-rank equipment in Nihaz's Citadel.

To obtain one Scroll of Reinforcement you will now need 5 Workpieces. There are more different types of materials and more ways to obtain them, but this does not mean that you will need to participate in all activities. You can choose the activities that you like best, and also purchase the missing workpieces at the auction or from other players.

New Workpieces for creating the Third Rank Equipment

Allodian Astralium Workpiece

This type of workpiece can be obtained for sovereigns on Al-Rihat and for Relics of Kingdom of Elements.
Junes Astralium Workpiece

They can be obtained in the Junes Catacombs (workpieces will be given to all participants at the end of the battle) and for completing the Trial of Blood. They can also be obtained for fragments of Glacier Ice on the Melting Isle and for Demon Sparks in the Tka-Rik cave.
Ambrosial Astralium Workpiece

The process of getting this type of workpiece remains virtually unchanged for those who have previously carried out Hirkalla's Decrees and participated in events such as the Suslanger Storm, the Hunt for Uro-Boros, the Battle for Ambrosia, and the Assault on the Wandering Island. It will be possible to purchase workpieces from Erfar the Bragger for Hirkalla signets only, but the number of purchased workpieces will not be limited.
Meteorite Astralium Workpiece

They can be obtained by participating in activities that involve a pre-assembled group or raid. You can purchase this type of workpiece for the Battleground Emblems, or for the Combat Emblems. With a small probability, this type of workpiece can be obtained for completing the Astral Islands and Distortions.
Weapon Astralium Workpiece

Can only be obtained by defeating Iranoh in the Nihaz's Citadel. Each player will receive 1 workpiece, and the entire raid will receive 6 workpieces per draw. The player receives weapon workpiece in sealed form and can unpack out as needed. Unpacked workpieces cannot be transferred.
Pure Astralium Workpiece

Can only be obtained by completing the Observatory or the Nihaz's Citadel.

* Observatory

The number of workpieces obtained will depend on its difficulty.

Observatory's Difficulty Workpieces received by the player Workpieces received for drawing for the entire raid
Easy - -
Medium 1 from the last strong enemy 6 from each of the strong enemies
Hard 1 from each of the strong enemies and 2 from the last 6 from each of the strong enemies

* Nihaz's Citadel

Each player receives 1 workpiece after defeating Hedus, Avior, Mirach and Iranokh. The entire raid receives 6 workpieces for the draw after defeating each strong enemy of the Citadel.

If you have too many workpieces of one type, then in addition to selling them at auctions, you can exchange all workpieces (except for weapon) at a fixed rate. For example, seven Meteorite Astralium Workpieces can be turned into one Pure Astralium Workpiece. However, a Weapon Astralium Workpiece can be obtained only by exchanging 10 Pure Astralium Workpieces. Other types of Workpieces can't be exchanged to Weapon Workpieces.

When implementing changes to the current equipment system, the cost of creating Scrolls of Reinforcement and equipment of the second rank will be adjusted, and the cost of creating Magic Tools will be reduced on the free server.

Have a good game!