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The Battle Campaign has begun!
The Battle Campaign has begun!


The Battle Campaign has begun, a special event that involves all Sarnaut warriors who care!

By completing recurring tasks, you will earn special points. As you accumulate them, you will increase the level of the "Battle Campaign" and receive various prizes.

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All players can earn Battle Campaign experience and earn regular rewards during the event.

Battle Campaign ticket holders earn 20% more Battle Campaign points for completing quests, as well as receive special valuable rewards, costumes, and reach Personal Goals!

In addition, they will receive 1290 crystals or Marks of Accomplishment (depending on the server) when they reach level 100 of "Battle Campaign".

In this Battle Campaign, we have reworked the rewards and some of them can now be obtained without purchasing the Battle Pass: Creator's Symbols of Abundance, Symbols of Gold, which were available as rewards for players from subscription servers; Battle Campaign Charter - duration 7 days.

The amount of experience gained for quests without buying a Battle Pass has also been increased. All this and additional visual rewards await you in our updated Battle Campaign!

If you purchase a Campaign ticket until November 30th (inclusive), you'll additionally receive the Order of the Moon Costume along with it.

The event will run from the 16th of November to the 25th of January.

Have fun!

«Allods Team»