Tournament of blood: the final is coming! 2020
Tournament of blood: the final is coming! 2020

Ladies and gentlemen!

Tomorrow, at 20:00 CET, begins the final stage of the Tournament of Blood. You can find the tournament grid and schedule in this article.

The final will start with fights between following groups:

Final pairs

VIDGELO+6 20:00 COVID-69
The winner of: MCF - PANDAUH 20:00 The winner of: BORN TO LOSE - LES TIOTS PERE
The winner of: KATLIAM153 - DISGYS 20:00 The winner of: KESKONFOULA - COMPAN GANG

And then the combats will continue until the final winner gets revealed. Keep track of the tournament grid — all information regarding combats will update real-time.

Important: Fights will start at 20:00 CEST and then we will launch the battles in order, so there is no exact time for each fight.

Tournament grid

More about the tournament and prizes

Extended list of rules and Tournament's schedule

We wish the viewers to enjoy the tournament, and good luck to our participants!