The Tournament of Heroes awaits you!
The Tournament of Heroes awaits you!


Sarnaut has started preparations for the Tournament of Heroes! This a championship in which groups of six fighters compete in Heroic Adventures!

You can earn special points by completing repeated quests. Earning points increases the Tournament of Heroes level and gets you various prizes.

The normal prizes are now available to all players during the event, and ticket holders will get valuable rewards and costumes and reach personal goals!

Once you fully complete the quest chains, you’ll be able to get special rewards: Core Storage, Holy Weapon, Unique Costume.

Buy a ticket!

All tournament participants will be given identical characters that can get fixed values that are the same for all teams:

  • Combat format: Heroic Adventures
  • Level: 90
  • Epic quality equipment
  • 8 runes of the 6th grade
  • All upgraded patron abilities
  • All possible Incarnation skills
  • Omnificent Core Morpher

The winners will also get valuable prizes and huge sacks of crystals whose weight depends on the number of tournament competitors! All purchases made by players will increase the prize fund by 25% of the purchase amount!

Have fun!